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Who We Are

We are survivors of cult leader, TB Joshua.

We have come together as a collective of former ‘disciples’ of cult leader, TB Joshua.


Many of us are contributors to the BBC Documentary, ‘Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua', the BBC podcast 'World of Secrets: Season 2 - The Disciples' and the extensive investigation by openDemocracy.

All participation was voluntary, unpaid, and done for the sole purpose of helping others to realise the truth and the facts about TB Joshua. 

By sharing our stories, we hope to raise awareness of who TB Joshua really was behind closed doors. We want to see lives recovered, minds repaired and families reunited. The brave men and women who have spoken out through this documentary and podcast process have made a way for those yet to share.


So, we encourage you to seek support and speak your truth if you, or any loved one, has been involved in a cult group.

 You are not alone. 

Since the release of the documentary we have had an overwhelming amount of people who have asked about Ajoke's welfare and how they can help. If you’d like to support and show your love, you can contribute to the JustGiving page we have set up for her to pay for her first year of university. Thank you!

Remain Anonymous

If you have information or a personal experience to share, reach out below to connect to the BBC's anonymous platform. Clicking on the SHARE button will take you to a BBC news article. If you scroll down the page, you will be able to submit your personal experience via a secure form.

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