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Help & Support

Coming to terms with the fact that you may have been in a cult is hard, both mentally and emotionally. It takes time to unravel. 

 But you don’t need to go through this journey alone. 


The Family Survival Trust

United Kingdom


Stand to End Rape Initiative (STER)

Virtual Nationwide

Vivian Centre

Edo State

Family Support Program

Enugu State

09061938380 / 08068528819

Ogun State

08034268616 / 08113931752

Agape Centre

Akwa Ibom

09077777433 / 09090000648 / 08023009220

With grateful thanks for vetted resources by FemIDEAS

South Africa

iThemba Rape & Trauma Support Centres

(GBV, rape, trauma and victim support services)

Gender-based Violence Command Centre 



Rape and Domestic Violence Intervention 

Rape Crisis South Africa

(counselling & support, incl. for criminal justice system involvement) 

24-hour helpline:

021 447 9762 (English)

021 361 9085 (isiXhosa)

021 633 9229 (Afrikaans)

WhatsApp: 083 222 5164

RiSE Against Domestic Violence 

WhatsApp: 081 589 4308


Free SMS helpline:

(*134*7355#) 010 590 5920

Triangle Project

Counselling helpline:
021 712 6699 (1pm – 9pm)

Email to book counselling:

With grateful thanks for vetted resources by FemIDEAS


Psychologist Locator (American Psychological Association)

The Secular Therapy Project

Journey Free (Recover from Harmful Religion)

Jennifer French, MSc Psychology of Coercive Control

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